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After 17 years: Yigal Amir went out of isolation

Security forces did not oppose the new conditions of the late Prime Minister's murderer. The implication: will stop being isolated and could talk on the phone and go out to the yard. Jail service: "his neighbors in the cell – will be hand-picked".
Yaki Admaker, Behadrei Hareidim, ט"ו תמוז תשע"ב 05/07/2012 18:23

יגאל עמיר.  ''נעשה לו עוול''

After 17 years of isolation: Yigal Amir, the murderer of the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, went out for the first time to a regular section with other prisoners.

The decision was taken after the court instructed the jail service a few times to review the conditions of Amir's separation, but towards the last periodical hearing on the conditions of his isolation, the jail service did not receive any opposition from security forces.

Over the last 17 years, the murderer of the prime minister stayed in isolation, with the claim that he is dangerous to others, and also that there is a threat to his life.
Until 2006, Amir's cell was under cameras throughout the day, but since then the cameras were removed, and he was able to receive visitors.

A committee of the jail service started considering which prisoners will be able to stay with Amir in the same cell. They claim that his neighbors in the cell will be "hand picked", as they define it.

According to a publication in the Ha'aretz newspaper, in case the procedure will be completed, Amir is destined to move in the next few days to the regular section in the Rimonim jail, where he is staying.

In this section, Rabin's murderer could socialize with other prisoners, make phone calls at a higher frequency and go out for a walk in the prison's yard.

It was reported by the jail service in response that "These days the decision to integrate the prisoner Yigal Amir with other prisoners has been considered. Now the jail service is checking the way of applying the decision".

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