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Ten year old fined with 5,000 shekel: hung up ad for summer camp

A ten year old girl from Bnei Brak hung up ads about a camp which she planned to have in her home. The inspectors of the Bnei Brak municipality announced to the mother: You must pay a fine of 5,000 shekel". The mother: My daughter is traumatized"
Yaki Admaker, Behadrei Hareidim, כ"ח תמוז תשע"ב 18/07/2012 14:07

מודעת רחוב יעקב נחומי

Two sisters, aged 9 and 10, who live in Bnei Brak, were forced to abandon their dream because of a municipal inspector in Bnei Brak.

On Sunday, the 10 year old girl went out with the aim of materializing her summer dream – organizing a summer camp for little girls. Together with her 9 year old sister, they carefully prepared a schedule, while organizing their home to host the camp.

At first stage, the girl hung up a few small announcements which tell of the camp in a few of the city's streets. The advertisements were hung up on an electric box and plastic bottle facilities in the Chazon Ish, Beit Hillel streets and others. The girl wrote her phone number at home on the ads, through which one could sign up.

Yesterday, (Mon.) the dream was canceled.

The sanitation department in the Bnei Brak municipality dialed the number which appeared on the ad, and asked to talk to the mother: "The ads were hung up in an illegal way, the inspectors have already removed 5 such ads, and this is a fine which adds up to almost 5,000 shekel", they told the amazed mother.

The warning phone call did its share, immediately afterwards the mother with her daughter went around in those streets in which she hung up the ads in order to remove them. She didn't exactly remember where she hung up all the adds, "says the mother during a talk with "Behadrei Hareidim," I'm glad the city of Bnei Brak is clean, but a girl of 10 who hangs up ads doesn't know whether it's allowed or not, and to get a fine for the act of a girl is illogical".

The mother adds: "I don't know where we'll pay this fine from. My daughter is now really traumatized, she sits and cries, she has a bad conscience that she did something bad". Finally she says: "She and her sister won't be making a camp this year".

In the Bnei Brak municipality the response to Behadrei Hareidim was: "Indeed there is an increased enforcement in the realm of advertisements, in order to prevent a flooding of pirate ads in the city. There are bulletin boards in the city for these small ads. At the same time, in the municipality and the inspector's department they do not recognize the said case or see such a report".

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