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Channel 2 reporter: Hareidim a bunch of Humainian idiots

Is the reporter who expressed his views regarding Hareidim as "Humeinian idiots" who claimed "The Hareidi methodology is an existential danger" as well as "Educate your children to despise those who wear black", able to review Hareidim?
Eli Cohen, Behadrei Hareidim, י"ד אב תשע"ב 02/08/2012 02:47

פלאש 90 פלאש 90

In the "Makor Rishon" newspaper, the reporter Yishai Friedman revealed the radical views of the cultural writer of Channel 2, Ilan Lukatch, regarding the hareidi public. To Lukatch's mind, the hareidim are "a bunch of Humeinian idiots which takes control over one's life", while he defines Judaism as "An idiotic religion which is based on a mistake", and he has an advice for the future generation's success: "Educate your children to despise those who wear black. Explain to them that these are clinical idiots with a mental disorder". At the organization for "the right of the public to know", they are of the idea that these declarations rule Lukatch out to deal with articles which are connected to the hareidi sector.

Last week, in the program "Ulpan Shishi" in Channel 2, a program which deals with the training of the Egoz unit in the north was broadcasted. Because the issue of recruiting hareidim is making headlines at the moment – the writers of Channel 2 could not hold back and connected between non-enlisting hareidim to the training of the fighters from Golani. In order to succeed in this mission, the cultural reporter of Channel 2, Ilan Lukatch, was sent to prepare the article.

Lukatch made a few sarcastic comments regarding the hareidi public during the program about the Egoz unit, and managed to evoke the anger of the organization for criticism of media "The right of the public to know". So, for example, he opened the program with a sentence which declares: "This is how the lack of equality of burden looks".

And later on he mentioned that the fighters of Egoz "carry on their backs the burden of their peers, tens of thousands who have brought a "zetele" (note) which forbids them to die for our country at this stage of their Torah lives". In addition, he added and said that the soldiers "march 120 km, if you want, 1 km for each member of Knesset who had doubts this week regarding the issue of equality of burden, between the pleasure of a minister without a portfolio, and the remnants of his conscience".

Lukatch's sarcastic remarks, including his historical past with the hareidi sector, brought the head of the organization "The right of the public to know" to place a complaint tat the ombudsman of the Second Authority for television and radio. "Lukatch's offensive way of expressing himself, forms a sharp affront to a whole sector, and borders with incitement", it says in the letter of complaint. "Lukatch is an activist in an organization which rages a battle against hareidim. He expresses bold and escalating stances against this sector. It seems he does not distinguish between his personal stances and his professional obligation to separate his views and his journalistic work. Lukatch is the cultural writer of the news company of Channel 2. The hareidi world is part of the Israeli public, yet Lukatch probably cannot relate to this cultural side with the required professional calm".

Lukatch is one of the activists in the secular forum of the Ramat Aviv suburb, who are raging a battle against a group from Chabad who have entered the neighborhood over the last years. In addition, according to an inquiry by Makor Rishon, the cultural writer usually expresses himself adamantly and there are those who would say venomously against the hareidi society. His status reveals that he does not like, to put it mildly, the hareidi public, and by the way, not even the Torah groups of settlers.

So, for example, Lukatch wrote after the Hadarat Nashim (removal of women) on buses storm: "The hareidi methodology is an existential danger, their taking control endangers our lives here in the most real and non-metaphorical way, and to die is less comfortable than to be thrown to the back seats of the bus. A bunch of Humeinian idiots are ruling over our lives".

Lukatch defines Judaism as "an idiotic religion which is based, like all religions, on a mistake" and he feels, so he mentioned, "a deep despise and hatred for the agents of ignorance, those who disseminate stupidity, for the Rabbis of lies and those who cleave to the closed-mindedness as an ideology".

After he showed a picture in which one sees the Mona Lisa wearing a head scarf and the heading is "Israel is ashamed 2012", Lukatch pleads with a sort of burst of good advice for a good life: "Educate your children to despise those who wear black. Explain to them that these are clinical idiots with a mental disorder". In a clip which criticizes contents taken from the Talmud, the writer turns to his friends and asks, "Please share, good friends, share so that we will all know where our money goes to: disseminating ignorance and reviewing of nonsense".

In light of the "history" and hatred between Lukatch and the hareidi sector, the organization "The Right of the Public to Know" wrote to "instruct the news company of Channel 2 not to allow the reporter Ilan Lukatch to deal with issues which pertain to the hareidi sector".

Lukatch refused to respond to the matter, and from Channel 2 news it was reported that the complaint has not yet reached them.

The story was first published in the Makor Rishon newspaper.

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