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USA: Stopped Jewish event – fined $1.2 million

A hotel owner in Santa Monica, CA, stopped a pro-Israeli event which took place at the hotel. The court charged her with compensation of $1.2 million
Yoel Koritz, Behadrey Haredim, ל' אב תשע"ב 18/08/2012 10:17

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Tahamina Adaya, owner of the hotel 'Shangrila' in Santa Monica, CA, was charged by the court a compensation fine of $1.2 million, for discrimination against Jews who belong to an organization whose activity is pro-Israel and the IDF.

About two years ago, while the members of the organization had their vacation at the hotel and held an event, Adaya instructed her workers to remove all the flags of the organization and all the propaganda pamphlets which they handed out and which dealt, among others, with the IDF, despite the fact that the organization itself is a non-profit organization.

Although the organization ordered the swimming pool of the hotel in advance, and the event was approved by the hotel's management, Adaya instructed to stop the event, while shouting that if her family will discover that a Jewish event was held in the hotel under her ownership, they will prevent from her to receive her share in her father's inheritance.

In a court case which was opened against her in July 2012, she denied that she revoked the law of rights according to which hotels and businesses are run. But employees at the hotel testified that she cursed the members of the organization over and over again. One of the essential testimonies to the ruling was of Natan Kurdi, one of the workers who was sent, under the instruction of Adaya, to demand of the members of the organization to stop the event.

Last week the court ruled that she must pay compensation to the organization for the sum of $1.2 million.

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