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Father murdered in Yemen – family made Aliya

The widow and four sons of Moshe Nahari hy"d, who was murdered in Yemen on anti-Semitic grounds four years ago, arrived in Israel. In Israel, the other five family members who made Aliyah immediately after the murder, awaited them.
Eli Schlesinger, Behadrei Hareidim, כ"ד אב תשע"ב 12/08/2012 11:38

תימן, עלייה, נהרי, יעיש

The widow of the teacher Moshe Nahari hy"d, who was murdered four years ago on anti-Semitic grounds in the village of Raida in Yemen, made Aliyah on Sunday morning to Israel with four of her children.

Upon landing at the Ben Gurion airport, the widow Lauza Nahari, united with her other five children, who made Aliyah on their own after the murder. The widow came on Aliyah with the help of the Jewish Agency.

It was reported by the Agency that the family members will be absorbed at the Absorption Center in the South of Israel.

The chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, said: "Moshe Nahari was killed only because of his being Jewish. His little son was only a few months old when his father was murdered on anti-Semitic backgrounds. Lauza's Aliya and the moving reunification with her children, are first of all a closing of a personal circle, but they are also a completion of a Zionistic circle".

Moshe Ya'ish Nahari was 35 when he was murdered. He served as a Shochet and was one of the heads of the Jewish community. Nahari also served as a Hebrew teacher in the city of Raida in the Omran district. On 14th Kislev, three years ago, Nahari hy"d was shot by a radical Moslem, and was buried in Yemen.

The murderer turned himself over immediately after performing the action. A year later, the Appeal court in Yemen sentenced Abed El-Aziz El-abadi, a previous pilot in the Yemenite airforce, who was convicted with the murder of the deceased – to death. His attorney gave an appeal to the Supreme Court in the country, which determined that the murderer will pay compensation to the victim's family. The sentence has not been brought to final decision until today.

Following Nahari's murder, a wave of immigration from Yemen to Israel started, and since 2009 until today, about 100 people made Aliyah from the Jewish community, with the help of the Jewish Agency. Today the Jewish kehilla in Yemen numbers about 130 Jews, of which 50 live in the capital city – Tzan'a, in an area under the government's security. The rest of the Jews live in Raida in the Omran district.
Over the last few years, harassment towards Jews on behalf of radical Moslems in Yemen has increased, and they live under constant threat, which has worsened even more after the removal of the previous president, Ali Abdalla Salah.

About two months ago, Aharon Zindani, 46 years old, was murdered by stabbing. He was one of the senior leaders of the Jewish community in the capital city of Tzan'a. His widow Afia El Aser and his children, came on Aliya in a campaign of the Jewish Agency and the Foreign Ministry during the month of June.

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