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Kidush Hashem: Hareidi put money into meters and prevented tickets

A Chabad chossid couldn't calm down: a young Litvak paid from his own pocket, until the inspector joined the party. "I asked: are you aware of the fact that you're paying for my car? He answers: one more second, and you'd get a ticket".
Yaki Admaker, Behadrey Haredim, ג' אלול תשע"ב 21/08/2012 17:04

פקח בפעולה. צילום ארכיון יעקב נחומי

The following story you won't be able to read in the secular media, especially not in the spirit of the days of incitement.

On Sunday morning, on a bustling Jerusalem street, Nir Menusi, a Chabad chossid who lives in the city, noticed an unusual scene: a Litvishe-hareidi bochur putting money into the parking meters on the street, in order to prevent parking tickets from the car owners.

And it didn't end there: the municipal parking inspector noticed his action, and joined him.

Menusi, the son of the journalist Didi Menusi, shared the story in his personal Facebook page yesterday, and since them the number of responses and "like's" has been rising. More than 220 people shared the status, others copied it, and part of them – more than 120 people – did their share with pressing "like".

This is how the story went according to Menusi (we didn't touch): "A heart-warming scene which you don't see every day. Yesterday, a bustling street in Jerusalem, when I came back to my parking car I see a young hareidi bochur, Litvishe, clean-faced, placing a coin into the meter of my car. I ask him: are you aware of the fact that you're putting money into the meter of my car? He answers: look here, one more second you'd be getting a report. And indeed, I see that in a distance of two meters from us a municipal inspector is coming towards us, writing reports.

"Ashreicha! I call towards the young hareidi, but he already runs on to the next cars, to put a coin into every car whose meter expired.

"And that's not the end: the inspector – a well built Jerusalemite, bear headed, and full of bristles – overtakes the bochur, and starts correcting him: no, look here, this car has a valid meter in his window, don't put money for the one there. And so they go together, and the inspector shows the bochur where to add money. I can't hold myself back, I got up to them and way- you've made my day, you're simply two Tzadikim, may there be many more like you in Israel! I'm not a Tzaddik, says the inspector, he's the Tzadik, I'm just helping him".

In a talk with Behadrey Hareidim, Menusi refuses to reveal the name of the street in which it took place, because of the fear that the inspector might be judged by the municipality.

"It was moving, heart warming," he says. "I normally don't get more than 5 likes for things I publish in my page. This time, it picked up speed, I understood people like reading good news, things that warm the heart.

"There were suspicious responses, people who responded that I invented it and perhaps it didn't happen at all, but in the long run the positive replies were above the negative. Am Yisroel in all its sweetness, it not only warmed my heart, but the whole street".

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