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A year without assets. 5772 in the world of Chassidic music

Despite the abundance of albums, singers and tunes, the trend of growth in Chassidic music has come to a stop. In this past year, no outstanding singers and songs were noted. But there are a few specs of light. And there is Lipa. Shai Kahn, musical editor of Behadrey Haredim presents: Annual summary and trend analysis. Also: yearly hit parade – enter and grade
Shai Kahn, Behadrei Haredim, כ"ט אלול תשע"ב 16/09/2012 15:05

מוסיקה מוסיקה

We can all hope that this is only a short rest which the music industry has taken or that the public mourning events which befell the Jewish public during the year – are the ones who influenced.

But one thing is clear: not only did the trend of acceleration in Jewish music stop, there is also a real decline in the field, and not only because less albums were produced (a decrease of 20%).

Is it because "Lechayim" already produced a collection album for each Yomtov? But they had managed to produce three albums for Purim in the past.

Are less new singers trying out their luck? Have a glance at the attached list of albums and you'll realize that they also didn't stop.

Perhaps you'll say, the industrial companies are producing independent albums or are not purchasing rights? That is also incorrect – there were maybe 5 a year.

Hindik Productions are not any more (besides "Di Rebin's Tisch 3") as well as Noam Productions.

So it's true that Avremi Roth holds a song album in his home which was already recorded, processed, produced and even mixed. It's true that Mona Rosenblum has been holding onto "Mona 6" for two years at least and waiting for a sponsor or "item" that will help the album break through the barriers of sales; but all that is not a real excuse for the huge lack in the Jewish music market this year.

All those who claimed that the phenomenon of burning and downloading encourages creativity, because the more people download, the more they sell, can bend their heads and hit their chests in "Al Chait" which they sinned against themselves.
We are dealing with music lovers who are sniffing for any spec of creation, that with unnecessary excitement they put onto the net by stealing. And here their actions have misled them: less music, and whatever there is – there have been better than that.

Vocal music has raised its head: Not only "Acapella" "Maccabeats" and "Yeshiva University" and in Israel too – there are many singles, to the point that vocal music which was meant to serve as an alternative for the days of mourning, has turned almost into a must for every singer.

Collections: Yes, there were quite a few of them. "Mix 10" by Eli Mandelbaum and "The Popular Ones" of Aviel Nachum, "Project X" with Ahrale Samet, and "Mix 5" of MRM Music. And the list is still long.

The production of some albums is cheaper than song albums. But there were some more invested, such as "Hertzig" with Shloimi Daskel of Yossi Green. And Chillik Frank with 2 albums for Succos and Pesach.

Clips: It seem at this moment that the name of the game is in the new field. No longer are there photographs of the singer in the studio or on the background of the Western Wall. Studio and outside photographs, virtual studios with producers and screenplay writer – in this chapter something really good has been happening to Jewish music. Not only pictures from a show or pretence ones.

Gadgets: Love gadgets? So get "Bobbe Maises" and "Double Shaloch Manos" from Aharon Razael, "Meshane Bemangina" and Lipa Shmelzer.
I imagine there are a few who are raising their eyebrows: what do you mean Lipa Shmelzer?

To come to Israel for two days, fly back to the USA only to take part in Siyum Hashas, return to Israel, volunteer in front of children and hop over to Holland for two days, and again to Israel because there is another hospital which wants to make children dance.

Lipa decided to "bang his head against a brick wall", against the municipal law – and he succeeded. He established a shull which was inaugurated on last Rosh Hashana. Since then he is the owner and the gabbai, the Shamash and the Chazan, the Rav and everything one needs in a shull. All the rest – guests, why? Because Lipa is also the host (and this is the better part of the story).

Shows? Count the advertisements on the bulletin boards or find out with the managers – they too were almost missing, despite the fact that the king of Chassidic music stage, Avraham Fried, was here this year and not once. Yaakov Shweki who broke through the barrier of Caesarea was also here. And even Mordechai Ben David came to the Teddy stadium. And there were still less shows, and most of them less invested in.

Do you have recommendations about a song from this year which will become an "asset"? Maybe. But surely not more than the fingers on one hand.

And not because Tzudik Greenwald doesn't have good songs, or Bario Chakshur who proved that perseverance pays off. Shlomi Toisig also presented an album in which each song is a pearl, and Yosef Chaim Shweki and Itzik Dadia and many more (really many), but a song which has the aroma of a "bestseller" which will make you jump at every wedding, will make each Paranche rock or at least make you tremble in every moving event – I haven't found yet.

So in the meantime we'll dance with "Mizrach Mizrach" of Lipa Shmelzer until another one will come…

1. Y-Studs – Take me home
2. A. A. Stern – Tata Sela
3. ACA Pella – Acappela 5
4. Avi Ben Yisrael – Shira Be'Shabbat Ta'anug B
5. Avi Gessner – Ohr
6. Avi Sendik – Meshane Bemangina B
7. Aviel Nachum – The Popular – Mediterranean Religious Collection 3
8. Avichai Hajaj – Za'ad Bechayay
9. Avishai Levy – Ata Hamelech
10. Avraham Weingarten – Hamavdil
11. Avraham Leib Borstein – Rikudei Neshama
12. Avraham Fried – Rezonenu Liros Es Malkenu
13. Aderet Music and Singers – Simchas Hachaim
14. Aharon Razael – Mishloach Manginos Lepurim
15. Ahrale Samet – Chassidishe Ta'am (Project X 4)
16. Ohel – Mofa Ohel 5772
17. Collection – Yehuda Halevi corner Ibn Gvirol
18. Itzik Orlev – Singles
19. Itzik Eshel – Lichvod Shabbat Kodesh
20. Itzik Dadia – Lashir Mehaneshama
21. Alon Mordo – Rimixim Hamchuzkim 2
22. Eli Mandelbaum – Mix 10
23. Eliezer Shmidov – Havu Ohr
24. Elyakim Binenstock – hosts Yoni Eliav
25. Elad Sha'ar – Shar Lema'an Shmecha
26. Amen ve'Amen – the English version
27. Ari Goldwag – Acapela Neshama
28. Beni Elbaz – Tehillim
29. Berry Weber – Toda Lecha Hashem
30. Bario Chackshur – Anim Zmirot
31. Breslev – Dem Rebin's Tisch 3
32. Gad Lior – Ofek Chadash
33. Gay-Zvi Minz – Lev Chadash. Yismach Lev
34. David Verdiger – Collection Uveshirei David
35. Dudu Fisher – Yerushalayim
36. dudi Rosenberg – Acheinu
37. Doron Barda – Ani Ma'amin
38. Daniel Zamir – Nechama Ve'idud
39. Dirshu – Heyu Nechonim/the World Siyum
40. The Neilander Brothers – Chevraya 1
41. Husk – Husk 24
42. Husk – Husk 25
43. Hazamir – Mitga'agea Leuman
44. Hayom Hashmini – Kol Ma Sheyesh Lecha
45. Yeshiva Boys – Vocal Artist
46. Halev Vehama'ayan – Yotzin Benigun
47. The Maccabeats – Outside the Box
48. Heshi Goldstein – Shomer Yisroel
49. Viznitz – A Viznitzer Nigun 2
50. Chust – Shabbos and Yom Tov in Chust
51. Chaim Blumenfeld – Spira'ish
52. Chaim Yitzchak Goldman – Ish Chassid – Lizensk
53. Chaim Yisrael – Kessem Neurai
54. Chilik Frank – Succot Be'yerushalayim
55. Chilik Frank – Pesach Be'yerushalayim
56. Chilik Frank and Naor Karmi – Menagnim Viznitz
57. Yedidim – Nae Leshabeach - Shirei Yemei Chanuka
58. Yiden cohen – 22 Seconds
59. Yehudah Glanz – Chai Vekayam
60. Yehudah Green – Noam Haneshamos
61. Yoel Weiss – Esa Einai
62. Yoel Faldavitsh – Maher
63. Yuval Tayeb – Shema Yisrael
64. Yochai ben Avi – Sha'a Berchov Hagalil
65. Yonai Genot – Ot Le'ot
66. Yonatan Sheinfeld – Vehapsanter
67. Yosi Dayan – Purim Fabregen
68. Yosi Waldman – Yayin Yashan
69. Yosi Rubin – Artist and vocal artist
70. Yosi Rubin and singers – Lebedig In Meah Shearim
71. Yosale Waldman – Yayim Yashan
72. Yosale Rosenblat z"l – Od Yosef Chai 6 – Shabbos Kodesh
73. Yosef Chaim Shweki – Chavivin Alai
74. Yosef Siverstein – Otiot Hanegina
75. Yinon Tayeb – Beintaim
76. Yaniv Ben Mashiach – Tipa ve'od Tipa
77. Yaela Elisheva – Heichal Hanigun performed by singers
78. Yaakov Shweki – Cry No More
79. Yitzchak Meir – Atika Kadisha
80. Yitzchak Meir Helfgut – hedim Lenatzeach
81. Yitzchak Meir and Friends – Siyum Hashas
82. Yitzchak Fuchs – Mima'amakim
83. Yitzchak Rave – Knafeicha
84. Yerachmiel Zigler – Bidei Shamayim
85. Yirmia Daman – Atika Kadisha 5
86. Yeshiva Boys – YBC LIVE 4
87. Yeshivas Esh Kodesh – Hadran Alach
88. Yisrael Amar – Bayom Hahu
89. Lechaim Productions – Lechaim Zitz Hishbati
90. Lechaim Productions – Lechaim Tisch 6
91. Lechaim Productions – Lechaim Tisch Torah
92. Lechaim Productions – Mama Rachel
93. Lechaim Productions – Margoa 2
94. Lechaim Productions – Kindergarten 2
95. Lipa Shmelzer – Emunah
96. Meir Adler – Simchas Beis Hashoeva in Tshechnov
97. Meir HAlevi Eshel – Jewish Guitar 5
98. Meir Halevi Eshel – Jewish Soul Violin 2
99. Magazine Ami – The Big Voices
100. Modzitz – Lefichach
101. Meidad Tassa – Ata Hamelech
102. Michael Taflinsky – Betfila Leyamim Noraim
103. Mishel Pardes – Adon Hashalom
104. Mendi Varzberger – Va'ani Tefillasi
105. Mordechai Ben David – Kisufim
106. MRM Music - Dance Mix 2
107. MRM Music – Hudo Lehashem – Ba'al Shem Tov Nigunim
108. MRM Music – Relax 5
109. Moshe Berger – Meloch
110. Moshe Hecht – Heart is Alive
111. Moshe Yaakov Pasten – Simchas Beis Hasheva In Shtetl
112. Moshe Pinchas Weissbluim – Helige Nigunim
113. Nadav Becher and Oren Zur – Daltei Tshuva
114. Sadigora – Yehalelucha
115. Satmer – Pitchu Li – Yamim Noraim 5773
116. Sagiv Cohen - Halelu
117. Alma – Sha'ar
118. Amir Benayoun – Etz Al Mayim
119. amran Adar – Adar
120. Porat Nov and friends – Agadelcha
121. Tzudik Greenwald – Achim
122. Coca Cola – Kol Hashabbos
123. Roi Edri - Shorashim
124. Shaul Chayun – A Bren
125. Shauli Waldner – Tov Hashem
126. Shvebl, Sharf Levin – IV
127. Shai Barak – Bobe Meises
128. Shaya Mendelevitz – Big Time
129. Shaike Greenspan
130. Shalhevet – Haneshama Lach 9 Lehodos U'lehalel
131. Shlomi Behr – Neshamale 2
132. Shlomi Behr – Sameach 2
133. Shlomi Deskel – Hartzig (Shades of Green 3)
134. Shlomi Deskel – Dance with Shlomi Deskel
135. Shlomo Toisig – Toisig 2
136. Shlomo Katz – Live Show in Melbourne
137. Shmuel Barzilai – Ohr Chadash
138. Shragi Gestetner – Shragi

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