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Grandfather and "forgetting driver" found a Chessed organization: "To rehabilitate him"

Grandfather of the child Chanoch Henich Boimel z"l and the driver who forgot him in his car, cooperate. The grandfather, Yisroel Leichter, will serve as executive manager of the organization, while Nachman Shtizer will organize the hachnasas orchim
Yaki Admaker, Behadrey Haredim, ט' תשרי תשע"ג 25/09/2012 10:33

הרכב בו נשכח הילד חדשות 24

Not even a month has passed since the harsh tragedy which occurred with family Boimel in Modi'in Illit, after their son, 4 year old Chanoch Henich z"l was forgotten in the neighbor's car, Nachman Shtizer, and died as a result – and there are already those who are acting to eternalize the name of the child by means of establishing a Chessed organization.

Behind the initiative stand – believe it or not – the child's grandfather, Harav Yisroel Alter Leichter and the driver himself, Nachman Shtizer.

Whoever was exposed to the close friendship which has developed between the two since the tragedy occurred, understands that there is no wonder or chidush in that.

The first initiative is the establishment of the "Chaim Vechinuch Baderech" which will get underway immediately after Succos. Its goal will be Hachnasas Orchim in Tzfat named "Maon Natan Neta" named after the Rebbe Shimon Natan Neta from Lelov zt"l.
The grandfather, Yisroel Leichter, will serve as head of the organization, while Nachman Shtizer will organize the place from the active aspect.

"The goal is to rehabilitate him," explains Harav Leichter in a talk with Behadrey Haredim. "He has undergone a harsh emotional trauma, and we have no ability to judge him for it, it's all in the hands of Heaven, and we don't know why it happened in his car".

The second initiative – an attempt to promote regulations in order to prevent such incidents in the future – was born in the Rebbe of Rachmastrivke's room, when Harav Leichter went in to his home a few days ago, in order to received a brocha of Gmar Chasima Tova and for the success of the mission he took upon himself to rehabilitate the Melamed.

"The Rebbe was very surprised why they don't pass regulations which will prevent such incidents," Harav Leichter relates. "And so, the idea was born that perhaps the same way that there are nets in sheltered cars, they will be obligated to place nets in regular cars and when locking the car the driver will be obliged to leave the windows open".

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