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Warned of accident – and killed in it the next day. Esti Zidenberg a"h

Horrifying. Esther Zidenberg a"h – Ashdod resident, Ba'alas Tshuva, wrote in her Facebook about a person who suffers from "excess years" and an "accident at a pedestrian crossing". Today she was hit by a truck and killed.
Eli Schlesinger, Behadrey Haredimכ"ט תשרי תשע"ג 15/10/2012 11:25

אתי זינדברג פייסבוק

This afternoon at 14:36, MDA of the Lachish district received a call about a pedestrian who was hit by a truck on Road #41 at the entrance to the Nir Galim Moshav in the direction of Neve Hertzog.

Volunteer paramedics of Ichud Hatzala South and MDA paramedics gave primary care to a woman of 47 who was evacuated in a harsh condition, with a head injury, under anesthesia and respirator, to the Kaplan hospital in Rechovot.
A few hours later she passed away in hospital.

The woman, Esther Zidenberg, left behind 5 orphans.

Her levaya took place tonight at 23:00pm in Netanya.

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