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Kratshnif brother • HaRav HaGaon Yitzchak Rosenbaum zt"l

Son of the Admor Rd"m from Kratshnif and brother of Kratshnif Rebbe's, Premishlan and Bitshkov, died at the age of 51, after suffering from illness • insisted on not speaking during davening.
Moshe Weisberg, B'Chadrei Charedimב' חשון תשע"ג 18/10/2012 10:46


Baruch Dayan HaEmes. This morning (Wednesday) Harav Yitzchak Rosenbaum zt"l from Kratshnif passed away at the age of 51, after suffering from a terrible illness and accepting it with love.

The late R' Yitzchak was born to his father the Kratshnifer Rebbe, HaAdmor Rebbe Dovid Moshe zt"l. He is the grandson of Rebbe Chaim Mordechei zt"l from Nadvorne.
His brothers are the Kratshnifer Rebbe's, Kratshnif Kiryat Gat, Premishlan and Bitshkov. Harav HaTzaddik R' Yosef Shlomo Rosenbaum from Kratshnif Monsey is his twin brother. His sisters are married to the Sasover Rebbe, Shandishover Rebbe, Pultshaner Rebbe and Hara"z Reb Dovid Dov Meizlish.

R' Yitzchak zt"l was known for his righteousness and extraordinary davening according to nusach Beis Kratshnif. During davening he would signal to those talking to stop.
He respected his brother the Kratsnifer Rebbe who raised him as a father after his father passed away.

The levaya will take place today (Wednesday) at 14:00 at the Beis Medrash in Kiryat Kratshnif, Rechovot to the cemetery where he will be buried.

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