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Moving story • Lending his car saved baby daughter's life

A Gabbai in Montreal, volunteer at Hatzala, asked an avrech for the car keys of a car parked near the synagogue on Shabbos, in case of an SOS • The avrech hesitated - and gave
Yoel Bittelman, Behadrey Haredimז' חשון תשע"ג 23/10/2012 13:44

(צילום אילוסטרציה) Photo: Illustration

An avrech in Montreal is used to park his car in winter on Erev Shabbos near the Beis Midrash in which he prays, so he could get his car on Motzaei Shabbos, after Maariv.

One day the gabbai of the Beis Midrash who also acts as a Hatzala man, approached him and asked if he would entrust his keys so in case there is a call in the middle of Shabbos, he could immediately save lives.

The avrech hesitated, but finally said yes and handed the keys over to the gabbai.

Last Erev Shabbos before Kabbolas Shabbos, the volunteer got a call for help on his beeper. He jumped straight into the car of the avrech, to the designated address.

The avrech who saw his car going out of the driveway, was glad for the privilege of helping to save a life.

After davening, when he returned home, he learned that his baby daughter had swallowed a large bead which stuck in her throat, and she was turning blue. His wife rushed to call Hatzala, who arrived in the father's car and managed to release the bead at the last minute when the child was already blue.

The next day the father benched Hagomel.

The Hatzala volunteer told the father of the baby that if not for the vehicle at his disposal when he received the call, there would have been a disaster for the baby.

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