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Inspectors bullied ads poster - judge awarded

Within a few weeks Jerusalem Municipality inspectors wrote 31 reports for Benjamin Meirovitch, for piracy ads posting • Judge awarded him, and forced the municipality to pay damages
Yaki Adamker, B'Chadrei Charedim, ח' חשון תשע"ג 24/10/2012 12:02

צילום אילוסטרציה יעקב נחומי

Do you think the Jerusalem Municipality inspectors are able to provide you with the same offense on 7 reports on one day for piracy ad posting? And if that was not enough, two and half weeks later - eight additional reports. And a few days later another 6 reports, and dessert - 10 reports the next day?

Benjamin Meirovitch, resident of Jerusalem is faced with such a story, in the municipal courts in the city.

Municipal inspectors bullied him and wrote him reports every three minutes for putting up ads in the Geula neighborhood. Judge Sharon Larry determined without checking the version of the inspectors, that there was not enough proof that the ads are connected to Meirovitch, and therefore ordered the compensation payment of 1500 shekels.

Inspectors based their argument on the fact that Meirovitch's name is connected to the name on the ads – 'Mehadrin Advertising', they determined that he is responsible for hanging signs by his employees.

"I am not satisfied enough with this award," wrote Larry Bavli. "Once again the Court is feeling the mistreatment of citizens." The judge also noted the days when the reports were recorded - 31 in total.

She said it would have been sufficient to file one report each time, while allowing the charged to remove the hazard.

As noted, beyond the fact that it was determined that Meirovitch had no connection to the issue, the judge also instructed to forward a copy of the judgment to the CEO at the municipality to examine the conduct of the inspector's excessive registry reports.

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