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Yoav Lalum: "Supreme Court - the only language seminaries understand"

Yoav Laloum and Association of "Noar Kahalacha" replied to the Supreme Court petition filed against the Ministry of Education and municipalities
Sari Roth, Behadrey Haredim, ח' חשון תשע"ג 24/10/2012 20:55

יואב, ללום

Yoav Laloum and the association of Noar Kahalacha replied their answers today (Tues.) at the Supreme Court to a petition filed by the respondents against the Ministry of Education and the municipalities of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Modi'in Illit and Betar Illit.

In the response, spanning dozens of pages, the petitioners unfold the details of discrimination in seminaries, and add lists of students of different grades, and the data of students in certain seminaries to prove that discrimination still exists.

The petitioners accuse the respondents that are not working to eradicate the stain, and do not have effective and close monitoring of the registration procedures in seminaries. The petitioners also argue that despite the court's demand, the various respondents avoided to provide precise details of the data - details that prove the discrimination.

The petition also listed the ways of "cooking" various discrimination, either by 'filtering' sisters, import of students from other cities or 'apartheid' in the classes themselves.

Attorney Yoav Laloum from the Noar Kahalacha Association says to Behadrey Haredim: "Unfortunately, the leniencies which the Ministry of Education and political factors made regarding discrimination in seminaries have proven that the only way which principals understand is the Supreme Court. We hope that the court will give its opinion regarding the issue in the near future, so that Jewish girls can truly feel equal, and perform 'Love your neighbor as yourself' word for letter and in spirit. "

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