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To live above Hagr"o Yosef. Price of pleasure: 2 million NIS

The residents who live above the apartment of Hagr"o Yosef in the Har Nof suburb, are offering their 3 roomed apartment for sale at 2 million NIS. "The Rav's family doesn't disturb the routine life of neighbors".
Shmuel Klein and Yaki Admaker, Behadrey Haredim , י' חשון תשע"ג 26/10/2012 13:19

הרב עובדיה יוסף וארבעת המינים יעקב כהן

The residents who live above Hagr"o Yosef's apartment on 45 Hakablan street in Har Nof, Jerusalem, are offering their apartment for sale.

This is a three roomed apartment with three directions, which includes a parents' unit and balcony sized 60 meters, but the price stands on 2 million NIS, and there is already someone who wants to sign a contract.

Factors involved in the real estate market in Jerusalem, informed Ma'ariv, which publishes the story this morning, that this is a price which is higher than the market price by hundreds of thousands of shekels for a regular apartment of a similar size in the same area.

This is a building which forms a attraction center for many visitors who come each day to take part in the Tefillos, the Bris Milah's and to be blessed in the shull of Hagr"o Yosef. In addition, quite often security guards patrol in the building in order to guard the ministers who arrive there.

"The Rav and his family are neighbors who no doubt add to the value of the apartment. There are many people for whom it is a privilege to live in the apartment above them," says a person from the building to Ma'ariv and added: "The family of the Rav are very quiet and pleasant people and the activity of the Rav in Shiurim and Tefillos is done from a side door which does not disturb the routine life of the neighbors."

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