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When seeing the Shabbos Goy: The Rebbe cancelled the minyan

A goy activated the light on Shabbos at a hall rented by Rachmastrivke Chassidim in Williamsburg • The Rebbe, who saw it with his own eyes, would not forgive the chassidim and went to daven someplace else
Moshe Weisberg, B'Chadrei Charedimי"ט חשון תשע"ג 04/11/2012 13:22

האדמו"ר מרחמסטריווקא. צילום: יעקב כהן יעקב כהן

The Rachmastrivke Rebbe, who is currently in the U.S., held the last Shabbos amongst thousands of chassidim and followers in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. .

On Shabbos morning, when the Rebbe entered the rented hall for davening, he saw a gentile operate the lighting and air conditioning system.

The Rebbe went out in a fury and said he cannot daven at a place where a gentile desecrates the Shabbos by request of Jews.

All explanations that not everyone overseas is strict about statement pagan, the Rebbe insisted that he is strict about it.

The Rebbe went out to find a different Shul until he found the 'Liminov' Beis Medrash with about 30 members.

The Rachmastrivke Rebbe went up to the Liminover Rebbe and requested permission to daven in his Shul, and he replied that it is a great honor for him.

Within an hour, thousands of chassidim filled up the shul.

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