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"How do we reconstruct the information?" • Burglary in the Williamsburg Hatzalah offices

A masked gunman broke into the office of the Williamsburg Hatzalah • computers and beepers were stolen • the organization concerned, "we can buy new computers, but there was valuable information stored in the computers"
Yoel Bitelman, B'Chadrei Charedimכ"ט חשון תשע"ג 14/11/2012 20:00

אמבולנס הצלה

New York: Heads of the Hatzalah organization in Williamsburg are trying to restore the database that was stored in the organizations computers, following a burglary at the organization's offices on Park Avenue where computers were stolen.

Hatzalah organization drivers who arrived immediately after Shabbos at the office discovered the outbreak, and two office computers and beepers disappeared.

The building's security cameras show a break-in which occurred on Shabbos morning.

A masked intruder is seen trying to break through the front door, and then managed to get in to the office through a different entry.

Williamsburg Hatzalah organization said: "Computers can be bought, this is not a problem. But to recover the data we had in the computer is the problem. We had important information which will take time to recover."

The police who were called to the scene examined the findings and opened an investigation.

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