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Miracle in Ashdod: Missile found on the roof of a building • "could have ended in catastrophe"

Residents of 2 Horkenus Street in Ashdod are finding it difficult to recover • a missile was found on the roof of the building with its explosive still intact
Yaki Adamker, B'Chadrei Charedimה' כסלו תשע"ג 19/11/2012 09:50

עמוד ענן פלאש90

Residents of 2 Rabbi Eliezer ben Horkenus Street in Ashdod were shocked this morning when they found a missile on the roof of their building.

According to residents, this is probably a missile which fell on the roof during Shabbos, when missiles were fired into the city. The missile itself split into 2 parts, but the explosive remained intact - thus avoiding catastrophe.

"We felt the explosion," said one resident to B'Chadrei Charedim. "A few tiles were smashed at the apartment on the top floor, but no one could have imagined the missile fell on the building and miraculously did not explode, we should thank G-d that we're saved."

Another resident said: "If the rocket had exploded, it would have ended in a disaster."

At this time police force sappers, ambulance and fire brigade are at the building - removing and dismantling the missile with the caution required.

Police partly closed off the street, and asks the public not to gather in the street

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