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Gal Oren BSD: 24th among advertising agencies

Gal Oren is the only sector office ranking as 'Firm' on Globes • Last year the Public Relations Division was extended and merged with Kobi Sela PR according to Halacha
Yonah Green, Behadrey Haredim, ו' כסלו תשע"ג 20/11/2012 11:28

אורן אלימלך

Gal Oren BSD celebrates again: The publication agency climbs four stages and is ranked 24th among all advertising agencies in the country, leaving behind some great and good such as Shalmor Avnon (y & r), Zarmon DDB and Drori Shlomi.

Gal Oren is the only sector office which entered the rank of 'Firm' in Globes magazine this month.

Last year the Director-General of the office, Oren Elimelech, led a number of strategic moves, including the expansion of the public relations division and merging was done with Kobi Sela PR Kahalacha, media purchasing for the Hareidi department of McCann Erickson, the inclusion of Eyal Gur as VP of Creative and more.

In addition to leading bodies in the economy, Gal Oren has been specializing for years in the political realm, and recently led a number of political moves, led by Naftali Bennett's campaign for head of the Jewish Home party with great success.

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