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Presenting unity: Deri and Yishai at the Western Wall

Whilst Shas is wading in the polls, whilst parties are threatening her right and left - only prayer can help • In a unity demonstration Eli Yishai and Aryeh Deri went to pray together at the Western Wall
Sari Roth, B'Chadrei Charedim, י"ב טבת תשע"ג 25/12/2012 10:12

אלי ישי, אריה דרעי, כותל המערבי

Shas is wading in the polls, Am Shalem of MK Chaim Amsalem, and Koach Lehashpia of Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak are threatening them on one hand, and on the other hand dripping votes to the Bayit Hayehudi. In this situation there is no doubt that the Shas Party needs prayer to help her rise above guaranteed 11 seats according to polls.

Tonight (Motzei Shabbos), party officials organized a private prayer at the Western Wall.

In a unity demonstration Minister Eli Yishai arrived, along with his leadership associate, Aryeh Deri – to the Western Wall, and prayed together.

There is no doubt that the impressive show of unity is to broadcast to the outside – there is unity at the leadership of the movement, and that all reports from insiders, of the internal battles are incorrect.

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