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Grave of Yonatan Ben Uziel in Amuka desecrated • Deri: "we expect the Druze leader to condemn"

Druze price tag? • Tomb of Tanna Yonatan Ben Uziel in Amuka severely desecrated• graffiti and inscriptions painted on the tomb walls: "Druze price tag", and "Nabi Heder is not for free • "holy books were thrown to the floor and partition corrupted • Aryeh Deri," the Druze heads must shake the act"
Yoel Koritz, B'Chadrei Charedim, ז' אדר תשע"ג 17/02/2013 17:44

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Graffiti, religious books strewn on the floor and destruction, This is how Yonatan Ben Uziel's grave located near the Amukah settlement in the Upper Galilee was found (Shabbos).

On the walls of the tomb were sprayed graffiti, "Druze price tag" and "Nabi Heder is not for free."

Those responsible, whose identity is not yet known, even removed sefarim from the bookcase at the site and threw them on the floor.

Within the acts of vandalism the wooden partition to separate the men and women was also vandalized.

Currently there are no suspects and Tzefat police opened an investigation.
Tzefat police commander, Chief Superintendent Ofer Kantrowitz, said that the forensic team arrived and began an investigation. Police are no hurry to throw suspicion on the Druze: "It could be someone wrote it in their name to incriminate them. There seems to be no reason for a Druze to spray graffiti in such a place."

The grave of Yonatan Ben Uziel is considered a virtue in finding a match and fertility. The tomb is considered very central amongst the graves of the tzaddikim situated in the Tzefat area and thousands visit the place throughout the year on erev Rosh Chodesh but also the rest of the year.

Shas MK Aryeh Deri responded to the vandalism and said that, "I was shocked to hear about the criminal act of desecration of the grave of Tanna Yonatan Ben Uziel in Amukah.

"Holy places should be above any argument. There has always prevailed a strong friendship between Druze and Jews, I guess a small handful are now trying to undermine this friendship, I call Druze leaders to renounce and condemn this serious act," he said.

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