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Drama in Canada: Halbernetz cult members tried to flee to Iran

Cult members Lev Tahor left cult center in Quebec after welfare authorities rushed to protect cult children from abuse
Eli Cohen, B'Chadrei Charedim, כ' כסלו תשע"ד 23/11/2013 19:18

לב טהור הלברנץ

Police chase after the cult members of Lev Tahor led by their leader Shlomo Halbernetz - who left the cult center of Quebec to an unknown destination, the Times of Israel site reported.

According to Oded Twick, whose sister is trapped on the cult, the cult members fled from their centers in the village Agatha de Mont, and their destination is Iran.

About 40 families belonging to the cult, tried yesterday (Tuesday) to flee the country, having realized that the welfare authorities intend to intervene in raising their children.

For this purpose, the cult hired three buses in which about 200 people traveled to Ontario, where they rented rooms in a hotel.

According to local media, only five members of the cult have legal status and a Canadian passport, and the rest are staying in the country without a permit.

Cult leader Halbernetz may be charged with child kidnapping and abusing them.

The authorities also intend to follow the growth of the cult children and if necessary will ban custody of the children from the parents.

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