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Lev Tahor makes it clear: "We have a new place in Canada"

Cult reacts to news of attempted escape to Iran: "For the past year conducted an orderly transition to a new community in Canada" • Why fled to the new place?
Yonah Shub, B'Chadrei Charedim, כ' כסלו תשע"ד 23/11/2013 23:25

נשות 'לב טהור'. צילומים: שי פוגלמן, הארץ שי פוגלמן הארץ

Cult Lev Tahor reacted to the news that the community tried to escape to Iran, in a report sent to B'Chadrei Charedim, a source who identified himself to be related to the cult, says that it's a planned and orderly transition taking place for nearly a year.

The cult published a few months ago the plan according to which the cult will remain at a secret location in Canada.

Web sites of the Community Lev Tahor admitted that the cult: "Community Lev Tahor left Quebec for elsewhere. Place is a driving distance of several hours from Quebec."

"The reason for departure of the community," explains its people in the notice, "decrees on education in Quebec. Other communities in Quebec and abroad (eg Antwerp) are struggling against the decrees in court, but the situation with Lev Tahor, because it is a small community is much more serious."

"A number of people called to court due to education, and placed a fact before them: Either surrender to education decrees, or we take the children. Because we are in exile, we are obliged to hear the laws of the state in which we stay, but with this, we have the choice to move to the state whose laws do not violate the spirit of the Torah and Judaism, and so we did.

"We hope other communities will keep the spirit of Torah, Judaism and Jewish education of their children without having to change residence, but if it is not successful, we also offer them to leave the place where the laws do not contradict the spirit of Judaism and the Torah, before it's too late. Beyond that we have no claims against Quebec, and Quebec's attitude towards us."

"Our situation at our newest location is better between materialism and spirituality than it was in Quebec, so now there is no problem in material goods (food, housing, etc.), and as we were afraid and we worked diligently in Quebec for the education of our children, so we are doing well now."

It is estimated the cult members left Quebec which is a province in the Canada Federation to the neighboring province of Ontario.

The exact location remains a secret. However the cult announced: "hopefully when we settle, we will fully inform everyone about our place and who wants to visit is welcome."

Such things have already been published previously, and according to the cult will be carried out and completed in recent days.

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