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Why we fled? Nachman Halbernetz from Lev Tahor speaks

The investigation and intervention of child neglect in education, Lev Tahor cult abandoned homes in Quebec and escaped to Ontario to a neglected motel. Watch the video
Nachman Gur, B'Chadrei Charedim, כ"ג כסלו תשע"ד 26/11/2013 20:44

צילום: שי פוגלמן

After the two families, members of a cult, Lev Tahor, found themselves being questioned by the legal authorities in Quebec, Canada on charges for neglecting children, the cult - about 200 people - suddenly packed their belongings on Thursday and moved to the State of Ontario, Canada.

Group spokesman, Uriel Goldman, told the media that the move was planned, and that the main reason for the move is controversial educational demands placed on children in the community.

"They force us to learn things that are against our religion, such as evolution," Goldman said, adding that he believes the authorities planned to take the children and place them in a foster home.

But, authorities said, a matter of education is only one issue, and that the main concern was the welfare of children in families of the community. "Interest in learning is one issue, but not only," said a representative of the authorities. "There were major defects, gross negligence. Their children, even at 10 or 12, cannot ask for help in an emergency."

He said visits from social workers at the cult colony, found children sleeping in beds soaked with urine.

Authorities at the new place of residence of the members of Lev Tahor, said they are aware of the arrival of the cult, and that they will cooperate with the ongoing investigation, if required.

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