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Mhr"y of Satmar Rebbe community: the15th building was bought

15th building of institutions of Mhr"y Satmar which in the distant past served as a Beit Midrash, previously owned by non-Jews, and now restored to its former glory
Yoel Green, B'Chadrei Charedim, י"ב שבט תשע"ד 13/01/2014 20:10


An interesting development in the institutions of Satmar Beit Midrash, which belonged to a member of the Association of Rabbis, in the past, will become a Satmar Talmud Torah, the presidency of the Mhr"y Satmar Rebbe.

Williamsburg Satmar institutions, counters over ten thousand students. Past week, purchased a new building, fifteenth in the series, to be used in the building for kindergarten and yeshiva ketana.

But it turns out that the building has a glorious history.

When Satmar institutions board members began to make contacts for the purchase of the building, they were shocked to find this building was once a Beis Midrash "Tiferes Yisrael", which was founded in תרפ"ד by rabbi of the community Rabbi Israel Doswitz zt"l president and chairman of Association of Rabbis U.S. Rabbi Doswitz died in תשט"ז and slowly the community disintegrated and dispersed.

In the following years the building was owned by gentiles and served as a special needs kindergarten. The facts were brought before the Rebbe, president of the institutions was asked to end the negotiations and purchase the building quickly, thus returning the former glory to the building.

This week, as noted, the building officially became a Satmar institution of Torah.

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