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Tel Aviv Shooting Attack: Detective Accidently Brings Terrorist Home

A Tel Aviv detective unwittingly sheltered a terrorist in his home, his wife recounts the ironic story- and horror- with Bechadrey Charedim.
Itzik Man, ג' סיון תשע"ו 09/06/2016 20:07

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The second terrorist implicated in yesterday's deadly shooting attack in the heart of Tel Aviv found shelter in the most unlikely place: in the home of a detective escaping the carnage.

His wife recounts: "My husband, two of our relatives and I were in cinematic. We were enjoying some ice cream when suddenly we heard gun shots and hordes of people running. I said, 'run, it's a terror attack!' We ran to our house right near the market.

Suddenly a man joins us. He looked like a lawyer, he was dressed very respectfully. He didn't appear at all aggressive. I asked him who he was and he didn't answer. I told him he could join us in our house until the attack is over.

My husband got his gun and went down to help the police chase down the terrorist, leaving our relatives and I alone with the man who we assumed was shell shocked.
Our "visitor" didn't talk at all, he was probably afraid to reveal his accent. We tried to speak with him but he didn't answer. We didn't suspect anything. He just looked like a normal person who was traumatized by the attack.

Suddenly my husband burst into the apartment grabbed the guy, pinned him to the floor and handcuffed him while calling for backup. It turns out that my husband had seen the other terrorist – dressed just like the man sitting at home in his apartment with his wife- and realized immediately that our "guest" must be the second terrorist.

I can't believe it- it's too crazy to believe. My husband was terrified. He ran home expecting to find all of us dead. It's a real miracle that the terrorist was not armed, and more so that my husband realized very quickly just who was sitting in his house. Otherwise it would have been tragic.

Ten policemen came into our house and arrested the terrorist. At the same time a shot escaped one of the policemen's guns- lightly wounding my husband. He was released today from the hospital.

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