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Foreign Nationals: Does Jerusalem Consider them Residents

It depends on who you ask. According to recent findings it would appear that the Jerusalem Municipality does not consider residents without Israeli Identity Cards to be true residents.
Abe Aron, ט"ו סיון תשע"ו 21/06/2016 20:47

מכירת גז פלפל ישיבת מיר בחדרי

Israeli Shortcut, a Yerushalayim based organization assisting foreigners with all manner of bureaucratic issues has reported a disturbing finding: Residents of the city who do not have an Israeli identity card are not entitled to some basic benefits.

Yerushalyaim residents have received a "Jerusalem Resident Card" that entitles it barer to significant discounts and benefits. There is however a catch. In order to receive a citizen of Jerusalem card- one has to be registered in the population registry of the State of Israel – as living in Jerusalem. A clause that effectively disqualifies the thousands of American and European citizens living in Jerusalem.

Why aren't these foreign nationals who often spend between 5 – 10 years or more living in Jerusalem and paying property taxes to the Jerusalem municipality considered residents of the city? Discriminating against this large percentage of the Jerusalem population is not an effective way to encourage aliyah- If anything it works as a deterrent. Who would want to permanently settle down in a city where they feel like they are being treated like second class citizens?

Israeli Shortcut has sent a letter to Mrs. Sima Sinai of the Jerusalem Municipality. Bechadrey World awaits her response.

Israeli Shortcut

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