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Some Yeshiva Bachurim are Vulnerable to the Draft

It has become clear that there are still holes in the draft laws regarding Bnei Yeshiva which leave both Ben Mehagrim and the children of Israelis living abroad vulnerable to the draft.
Moshe Weissberg, כ"א סיון תשע"ו 27/06/2016 20:24

פלאש 90 פלאש 90

The chapter regarding the draft of Bnei Yeshiva has established the status of Israeli yeshiva bachurim, but it has become clear that as of now the status of a large number of yeshiva bachurim is somewhat ambiguous. There is no official legislation in place to address the unique needs of Ben Mehagrim, Toshavei Chutz, and Olim who have come to Israel to learn in yeshiva (thereby fulfilling Torahsam Umnusam).

Do to the lack of legislation to establish the draft requirements for these bachruim, some very real (and at times absurd) issues come up for these yeshiva bachurim, which at times prevent them from making aliyah or even continuing to live in Eretz Yisrael.

Israeli Shortcut is an organization headed by Harav Zev Zer, that has gotten involved in helping these individuals establish their status in Israel via the different government offices.

One of the issues Israeli Shortcut is dealing with in regard to foreign Bnei Yeshiva is the plight of those with the status of "Yeleid Chul" (his parents are Israeli citizens who live abroad) or "Ben Mehagrim"(he left Israel with his parents before the age of 10). Bachruim who unfortunately bear this problematic status may only come to learn in Israel for a total of 4 years after which they become immediately subject to the draft.

The official reason behind this is that a student bearing the status of the Yeleid Chul is entitled to come to Israel and study for a B.A. before serving in the army. Since it officially takes 4 years to get a B.A., a yeshiva bachur may also learn here for 4 years. The absurdity is that the aforementioned bachur's ishur limudim from his yeshiva automatically gives him the status of a student. It would make more sense that a ishur limudim from a yeshiva should give the bachur the status of a Ben Yeshiva.
Unfortunely a Ben Mehagrim is not even permitted to learn here for 4 years since he automatically becomes liable to the draft as soon as he returns to Israel.

Zev Zer claims that according to his investigations a good 30-40% of the bachruim learning in yeshivos for chutznikim fall into one of these two categories. This is a very sad statistic since there is very little these bachruim could do to remedy the situaioin- making aliyah wont' help since they are already considered to be Israelis. Nothing can change the status of Ben Mehagrim of Yeleid chul.

Israeli Shortcut

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