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react to the public rage 'Forever 21'

After the furor over "Nazi jewels" of the company Forever 21 sells rings with swastikas they react to Bechadrei Charedim
Itzik Mann, י"א אב תשע"ו 15/08/2016 21:13

טוויטר טוויטר

Forever 21 take customer feedback on its products very seriously," the company said to Bechadrei", "in reference to the rings in question are not a product of Forever 21 and we take the matter to reveal additional findings. "

Obviously, this claim sounds baseless, since the image in question was posted on an official account of the company and the label clearly had the name of the company.

yesterday we published that the international fashion chain Forever 21 that owns hundreds of stores around the world including Israel and is particularly popular among many Orthodox women, allegedly sells jewelry with swastikas.

Shalhevet Chasdiel, an Israeli Journalist, posted a picture of Forever 21 jewelry with swastikas. In a conversation with "Bechadrei" Hasdiel said: "I saw it on Instagram and I was shocked. It is shocking to see the swastika flying proudly on top of enlightened jewelry marketed to the public in 2016, amended the Western world. "

She said, "a sign used to label Jews in the ghettos during the Holocaust- should not be used for fashion, and certainly not on behalf of an international company. In my opinion, this is a great offense to the heritage of the Jewish people."

"I posted the record on Twitter in order to express dissatisfaction with this matter and hopefully as many Jews as well as other fine people revolted by these pictures, will not let them refute it," she concluded.

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