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Against Arab vandalism: stone Mezuzah in Mearas Hamachpela

Two months after Muslim rioters vandalized the Mezuzah at the main entrance to the Cave of Mearas Hamachpela, a new Mezuzah was placed instaed
Atara Sternbuch, י"ח אב תשע"ו 22/08/2016 15:48

שששש מנהלת מערת המכפלה

Two months ago, during the month of Ramadan, Arab rioters removed the mezuzah from the front door of Mearas Hamachpela.

Boruch Hashem, We were Zoche to put a new mezuzah today
This Mezuza is large and beautiful. It is made of stone and made resistant to Muslim vandalism , the work of the artist Asaf Kidron.

The mezuzah was donated by Mrs. Ester Yaffa Halevy from Ashdod, Rabbi Eliezer Waldman was honored With the Kvias Mezuzah

צילום: מנהלת מערת המכפלה

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