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Irish burst of anti-Semitism

Irish burst of anti-Semitism
Yoel Bitelman, כ"ה אב תשע"ו 29/08/2016 15:33

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Mounting anti-Semitism in Europe and all over now spread to Northern Ireland - 13 graves and monuments vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The incident occurred last Friday in the afternoon when police were called to the Jewish cemetery in the city, they discovered ten Jewish gravestones shattered, broken glass scattered on the graves and tombstones.

William Humphrey, a member of the legislature of Ireland said that eight young men came to the cemetery armed with hammers and stones designed to destroy the cemetery. They broke gravestones and shattered glass bottles. "It was a shocking and offensive," said an Irish official.

The police assigned the case investigation to the Department of hate crimes.

It should be noted that it is not the first incident of anti-Semitism in the city of Belfast. Two years ago, a car's windows were shattered central synagogue in Belfast. The Jewish community in Belfast has only 600 Jews left.

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