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New school year begun

Haredi students in Israel started the school year this morning. Ministry of Education reports a decrease in acceptance problems and a rise in the number of complaints dealt with to parents’ satisfaction 10 Seminar principals summoned for a hearing
Eli Bitan, כ"ח אב תשע"ו 01/09/2016 22:36

בית יעקב, אילוסטרציה בית יעקב, אילוסטרציה צילום: יונתן זינדל פלאש90

The Haredi department in the Ministry of Education started a new school year today after the director completed a round of discussions with the principals of the largest education networks. The new school year started with about 410,000 students.

B’Chadrei Chareidim learned that appeals committee dealt with 221 students, out of which 169 were dealt with to the satisfaction of the parents. 34 of the petitions were rejected, 18 are still being worked with and their final outcome will be known in the upcoming days.

The cause of the increase in the number of petitions this year is the insertion of the Haredi districts’ procedures, that allow elementary schools and kindergartens to also file appeals. Last year, for instance, there were 75 petitions filed, out of which 69 were dealt with to the satisfaction of the parents, 4 were rejected.

It has also come to B’Chadrei Chareidim’s attention that this year there has also been a drop in the number of girls that haven’t started the school year on time as a result of the high schools’ refusal to accept the local authorities’ placement- 58 girls, compared to 222 students last year.

The Haredi district director summoned ten principals who refused to accept girls to a hearing and stated that he will deal with this matter strictly. Nonetheless, further strikes by parents are expected due to difficulties with local authorities regarding misunderstanding in various issues that are not related to the Ministry of Education.

In addition, the district managed to grant licenses to 90 percent of the Haredi educational institutes this year, in comparison to the 50 percent of last year, which allows the school to start getting the Ministry of Educations funds from the start of the school year and not months later.

Moreover, the Ministry of Education has come out with reformations in the system regarding licenses, so application is done once every five years instead of annually. This change will save institutions large funds, However, it is important to point out that most institutions were approved for less than the full 5 years, due to restrictions imposed by other authorities, such as the Ministry of Health.

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