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East Jerusalem terror attack

After a period of relative quiet - Attack in East Jerusalem during last night; No casualties
Eli Shlesinger, ב' אלול תשע"ו 05/09/2016 09:25

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Tonight (Monday) the end of an operation carried out by the Israel Police and Border Police troops in Shuafat refugee camp within East Jerusalem, during the pullout, approaching vehicle began to go rapidly towards them, trying to hit and run down.

Fighters began the suspect arrest procedure but they did not respond to their orders, but instead, suspects drove fast toward them with the allegedly intention to hurt and run over them. Israel forces fired at them.

As a result, Mustafa Namer Hino got injured and killed. The second terrorist in the car, 25 years old, was lightly wounded and brought to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. No casualties among the security forces at this incident.

In addition, during IDF troops arrested six wanted Palestinians in the West Bank. Ephraim, Benjamin, Judah, Etzion and more and took them for questioning.

At the same time, during a search of weapons in the village of Bir Zeit (Binyamin) forces discovered army seized power consuming equipment with knives, knives, binoculars and other military supplies.

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