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Netanyahu about ethnic cleansing

A propaganda video released by the Prime Minister has raised an international storm. Netanyahu argues that just as one does not require the evacuation of Israeli Arabs, settlers from Yehuda and Shomron should not be evacuated • The US State Department issued a condemning statement
Yakov Grodka, ז' אלול תשע"ו 10/09/2016 23:58

יאיר סגי, פלאש 90 יאיר סגי, פלאש 90

Video released by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday (Friday) manages to provoke a wave of criticism in Israel and abroad, and is getting a fierce reference from Elizabeth Trudeau - US State Department spokesman issued a statement condemning Netanyahu's comments were 'inappropriate'.

Netanyahu's speech (in English) is seeking to convince the world why the presence of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is not an obstacle to peace and accuses those who oppose the settlements of ethnic cleansing ".

US State Department spokeswoman responded harshly and said that "we clearly oppose the claim that anyone who opposes settlement activity or see them as an obstacle to peace calls for ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank, we believe that the use of the term ethnic cleansing is neither appropriate nor helpful."

At the beginning of his remarks, Netanyahu said that "many of you have heard the argument that Jewish communities in Yehuda and Shomron, constitute an obstacle to peace, this idea has always been puzzling to me since no one would seriously argue that nearly two million Arabs living in Israel are an obstacle to peace. Because it's not true - On the contrary. Diversity in Israel is a sign of its own openness and readiness for peace. but the Palestinian leadership demands a Palestinian state one precondition: without Jews. It's called ethnic cleansing. "

"This demand is outrageous," the Prime Minister said, "It is also bizarre that the world does not think it is . There are 'enlightened' countries that even promote this scandal. Ask yourself: would you accept ethnic cleansing in your country? A territory of non-Jews, non-Hispanic and no black? Since when is bigotry considered peace? at the moment, Jewish school children in the West Bank play in the sandbox with friends. Does their presence make peace impossible? I do not think so."

"I think what makes peace impossible is the lack of tolerance for others. Those who respect all people are peacemakers. societies that require ethnic cleansing are not peacemakers. I envision a Middle East where young Arabs and Jews learn together, work together and live together side by side in peace. "

At the end of his remarks, Netanyahu said that "Our region needs more tolerance, not less. So next time you hear someone say that Jews cannot live someplace, possibly in their ancestors country, think for a moment about the consequences. Ethnic cleansing for peace is ridiculous. It's time for someone to say it and there I said it. "

Netanyahu also absorbed criticism in Israel. Chairman of the 'joint list', MK Ayman Odeh said that "the Israeli prime minister has decided to go a step further, building an imaginary reality. Netanyahu begins to wrap his peace objection with empty liberal discourse. It increases the military regime and the repression in the occupied territories towards the Arab minority within the State of Israel Yet talking about tolerance and peace. This time, brazenly he uses a new concept for him - ethnic cleansing ".

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