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The funeral of Rabbi Sitruk zt"l: French airlift to Israel

380 people will accompany the bed of the Chief Rabbi of France, after the company Air France got hold of a special plane for the journey
Moshe Weisberg, כ"ג אלול תשע"ו 26/09/2016 10:50

פלא 90 פלא 90

HaGaon HaRav Yosef Chaim Sitruk, former Chief Rabbi of France, was Niftar on Sunday morning, 22 Elul at the age of 73. Rav Sitruk was the Chief Rabbi of France from June 1987 to June 2008.

380 people will arrive with the coffin of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sitruk, the chief rabbi of France. After a nerve-wracking drama, Rabbi Haim Corsia- the Chief Rabbi of France, got a 747 plane from Air France to take the body along with people going to the Levaya.

After the funeral in France, the Lenders have passed the security audit with Charles de Gaulle Airport and CEO of Conference of European Rabbis and Assistant Chief Rabbinate of France, Rabbi Moshe Levin.

Today (Monday) at 09:45 (Estimated) the eulogy will be at the 'Bet Halevi' Shul on Yosef Lahmi Street 48 in Jerusalem. The Levaya will then go to Har Hazeitim- to be buried.

B'hadrei Haredim with video from Levaya:

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