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To Chicago via Private Jet : The Satmar Rebbe and Rabbonim

The journey to save the Yiddishkeit of French children: Gedoliom of America, headed by The Satmar Rebbe will take off tomorrow to Chicago for a fundraiser • Full report
Moshe Weisberg, כ"ד אלול תשע"ו 27/09/2016 00:06

סאטמר (7)

The mission to rescue French children and bringing them to Israel to a Torah education continues.Gedolei Yisroel from the United States will take off tomorrow (Tuesday) on a quick trip to Chicago for a fundraiser to set up the project.

Last week a meeting was held at the offices Reb Reuven Wolf regarding the Fund's operation to save the children of France. The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi David Feinstein, Rav Malkiel Kotler attended as well as the Hordnka Rebbe, Rav Ben Taub, and others. Foundation Associates: R. Ruby Schron, Rabbi Reuven Wolf, Rabbi Hershel Lieberman Rabbi Eliezer Castenboim.

"B'hadrei Haredim" was informed that during the meeting, participants received a detailed report on the Fund's activity, both in Israel and France. The data indicates that Israel managed to integrate approximately 1,400 children in Torah institutes and managed to save French schools from closing.

However, activists reported that rabbis used the initially planned funds and therefore need to raise more money.

Fund officials said that the Gedolim journey just now during Elul, a time of preparations for the Yomim Noraim indicates the importance of this matter. Many French families arrived in Israel and scattered in different towns and without communities, had spiritually declined.

Now that various proposals have been made to establish centers in several parts of Israel, it may be possible to protect them. The greatest Rabbonim decided unanimously to leave immediately to raise funds although the original plan was to make the trip after Yom Tov.

Ruby Schron and Reuven Wolf took the task upon themselves, and hired a private jet for tomorrow's eight-hour visit to Chicago, and there will be a marathon of fundraising dinners.

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