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Panic In Borough Park: BB-Gun Shots Fired Into Local Beis Medrish

Young hooligans looking for an amusing prank fired a BB-gun into a Beis Medrish causing panic amongst mispalelim who were davening Minchah, B’’H nobody was hurt
Yoel Bittelman, ז' כסלו תשע"ז 07/12/2016 20:59

נתי שוחט פלאש90 נתי שוחט פלאש90

BB-Gun Shots were fired Yesterday (Tuesday afternoon) into a local Beis medrish in Borough Park. The incident took place at around four o’clock in the “loyev Shull” which is located on 21 Av and 57 street.
The Rav of the shul told police that shots were fired from the direction of Washington Cemetery which is located directly across from the shul. Many police officers and shomrim members arrived on the scene and proceeded to chases after the young hooligans. The Rav told police that he saw some youngsters shooting towards the shul and then escaping.
Even though the shul was full at the time with mispalelim who were davening mincha, B’’h nobody was hurt. The shul did not suffer any major damage aside from a window that was shattered.
Police have opened an investigation and are collecting footage from the various security cameras in the area.
R’ Nachum Kaplan, a resident who lives in the area tells “Bechadrei Chareidm’’ that the shul is located at the edge of the Frum Neighborhood and there is barley a minyan of frum Families in the vicinity. Most of the population is made up of young Hispanics and other minorities. As of now no anti-Semitic motivation has been attributed to the incident, it seems that the youngsters were looking for some action.

By Yoel Bittelman
Translated by Eli B.

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