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Trump Scheduling Peace Summit Between Israel And Palestinians In The Summer

President Donald Trump met with Egyptian president El-Sissi in Washington yesterday to discuss various issues in the region, the two have supposedly agreed to work towards a peace summit between the Israelis and Palestinians that will take place this summer
Eli B, ח' ניסן תשע"ז 04/04/2017 19:49

דונלד טראמפ (רויטרס) רויטרס

One of President Trumps’ big dreams is to go down in history as the president that brought peace to the middle east. In his meeting with Egyptian president Al-Sissi yesterday, Trump mentioned his willingness to be an active broker in a future deal between Israel and the Palestinians. The two leaders agreed to work towards a peace summit that will take place this summer, and will be brokered by the American special envoy for international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt.

The two also agreed that Egypt and Jordan should take a very active role in the peace process and place pressure on the Palestinian Authority to work towards a peace deal.

King Abdullah of Jordan is scheduled to visit the white house this Wednesday, and more talks will be held regarding the upcoming summer peace summit.

The last time serious talks were held between Israel and the Palestinians was back in 2008, when Israel offered to make large land concessions to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

Instead of readily accepting the offer, the Palestinians turned it down. Since then there hasn’t been any serious talks, largely due to the Palestinian’s demand of concessions and signs of good gestures, such as the freeing of prisoners, just to come to the negotiation table. Israel’s Official policy is direct negotiation between the two sides with no prior concessions.

By Eli B.

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