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President Trump To Meet With PA President Abu Mazzen In Washington Next Week

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with PA President Abu Mazzen next week in Washington, Trump is expected to pressure Abu Mazzen to the negotiation table with Israel
Eli B., כ"ח ניסן תשע"ז 24/04/2017 16:00

צילומסך הבית הלבן צילומסך הבית הלבן

White house spokesman Sean Spicer announced last Wednesday that President Donald Trump will be meeting with PA president Abu Mazzen in Washington on May 3.

The meeting comes as part of a chain of actions undertaken by the Trump administration to revive the stalled peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Trump recently met with many leaders in the region including with Egyptian president Al-SiSi.

The two discussed during their meeting a plan to hold talks between Israel and the Palestinians this summer, with other powers in the region taking a role as well.
It also expected that Trump will raise the issue of the PA paying terrorists and their families a monthly salary for terror acts they committed against Israel. There are currently 36,000 recipients of these payments, and it is a matter of law that every terrorist be paid by the PA.

The larger, and the more casualties in the attack, the more the terrorist or the surviving family is paid.

In a recent interview to Fox news anchor Sean Hannity, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said that “President Trump has to ask Abu Mazzen about those payments, after a decade it can be more than a billion dollars that were given to terrorists”. Netanyahu stressed that this is not Hamas that is doing this, “this is main line Palestinian authority headed by president Abu Mazzen. They have to repel this law, it’s by law that they pay terrorists. They have to confront terrorist not pay them”.
The interview has generated much talk and it’s assumed that president Trump will broach the topic at his upcoming meeting with Abu Mazzen.

At the same time, Israel turned down an offer by Berlin today to meditate a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. It is assumed that Israel fears it would be pressured into an unfair and unjust agreement if the talks were brokered by Germany.
Although this concern also exists when the united states brokers the talks, it is feared that with European countries it would be worse
Aside from the American initiative for talks in the summer, there are no other scheduled peace talks between the two sides.

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