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Is President Trump Aware Of The Facts?

President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to visit Israel on May 22, to Jump start some form of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. When meddling into a generation-old conflict, the President ought to be aware of the facts.
Eli B, כ"ה אייר תשע"ז 21/05/2017 22:23

טראמפ, אנגלית

The master ‘deal-maker’ that he is, President Donald Trump Is well aware that the conflict he is about to meddle into, is of the most complex issues the world has known for the last seven decades.

This conflict which has brought numerous U.S. presidents and influential foreign dignitaries to try their hand at peace, were eventually humbled by the complexity of the conflict. Currently, the conflict has been raging for 69 years and does not seem to have a solution in sight.

President Trump is not a fool. Nor is he naïve.

He has seen time and again U.S. presidents and politicians persist and cajole, but ultimately fail to achieve something concrete and long lasting.

The question president Trump is asking himself, or should be asking himself is, how will I be any different than my predecessors, why will I be more successful than those that have tried before me?

Firstly, it is most important for president Trump to be aware of the facts. Aside for Trump, the world at large should also be aware of the realities that are playing out in the Middle east.

Like in every strife, when reconciliation is sought it takes both parties to be interested in achieving peace. Be it friends, neighbors, or waring nations, when peace is wanted, both sides have to be equally committed to achieving and maintaining it.

Unfortunately, the current prevailing atmosphere among Palestinian Arabs is not of peace, rather of animosity and war. Young Palestinian children are being taught daily to hate, despise, and murder their fellow Israeli neighbors. Children are taught to glorify and strive for a bloody Jihad against the Jewish State. These bigoted teachings are part of the Palestinian Authority’s official school curriculum.

To cite just a few of the many examples, seventh grade students are taught a poem encouraging violence and martyrdom, “by your life! I see my death…. hearing weapons clash is pleasant to my ears, and the flow of blood gladdens my soul” (Our Beautiful Language, Grade 7, Pt. 1 p.97)

Additionally, students in grade six are taught in literature class, “Jihad comes first after worship” (Our Beautiful Language Grade 6, pt. 1 p.46).

This is not an underground terror organization preaching to its private followers. Rather, this is the official Palestinian Authority curriculum that is being taught to thousands of Palestinians school children every day. Instead of being taught to accept and co-exist, these children are being indoctrinated to continue the struggle, to keep fighting and murdering until Israel ceases to exist.

No matter how hard President Trump will try to broker peace and get the ‘deal done’, he won’t succeed as long as one of the sides remains uninterested in peace.

Trump should be aware of the bitter reality, one of the parties involved in this conflict has no interest in seeking a peaceful solution.

We should all be aware of this.

The world should be aware of this.

The first step towards peace is the total cessation of the Palestinian Authority’s war propaganda. They have to stop preaching violence and hatred towards Israel. Instead, they must adopt a peaceful nonviolent approach to the conflict.

When the Palestinian Arabs truly want peace, only then will there be ‘a partner in peace’.

By Eli B.

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