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Israel Launches New Website To Unite Israel Supporters Worldwide

The ministry of strategic affairs and public diplomacy has launched a new website and app. yesterday, to unite Israel supporters around the world and to offer appropriate tools for people to battle the anti-Israel lies
Eli B., י"ד סיון תשע"ז 08/06/2017 12:47

מטה האו"ם בז'נבה מטה האו"ם בז'נבה צילום: מייקל טגיסטמן. באדיבות הקונגרס היהודי העולמי

In spite of the ongoing assaults against Israel in the international arena, and in spite of the never ending lies which are spread against Israel on social media. The ministry of strategic affairs and diplomacy has launched a new website and app., creating a united platform for Israel’s supporters all around the world.

The website is called ‘4IL’ and is the primary piece in the new initiative to battle BDS and other bigoted organizations involved in delegitimizing Israel. The site’s homepage informs browsers that “every two minutes a lie about Israel is spread online”, and “You can change this”. The site offers short clips, articles, and cartoons, defending Israel and exposing the vehement lies that are spread against Israel.

Aside from offering genuine facts and pro-Israel material, the site offers an opportunity for browsers to share what they viewed and read, and thereby keep spreading the truth about what is really going on.

The next and more advanced stage of the initiative, is the sister site called ‘Act.il’. This site creates a unique platform for Israel’s supporters, both individuals and organizations, from around the world to unite and conduct coordinated activities to battle the negative tide against Israel. Once a profile has been created participants have access to a range of ‘Missions’ that are on the agenda; such as emailing letters and signing petitions to strategic individuals and organizations.

Participants can also take part in social media discussions, and share strategies with one another on how to counter the false allegations that are being spread against Israel.

Israel is desperately trying to catch up on the international political war, which it has unfortunately been lagging behind.

In the past, Israel policy towards world opinion was what former PM Ben Gurion originally set it, at the early days of the state. When told that the U.N. was not pleased with what Israel was doing, he replied “Um Shmum” implying that world opinion did not matter and Israel need not be concerned about it.

In recent years, Israel awoke to a grave reality, and realized that it had tremendously erred in underestimating the international, and especially the cyber war that is being fought against it. With the onset of the BDS era, Israel has been desperately trying to get out there and bridge the gap with its enemies that are already wreaking havoc on the international arena for years.

This new initiative will hopefully provide the necessary tools for the thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide that are already engaged in Pro-Israel advocacy, and will Imyertzeh Hashem help turn the tide in Israel’s favor.

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