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Tisha Be’av: Hundreds Daven At The Kaver Of First Shofet

Hundreds of Jews entered the Palestinian side of Chevron this Tish Be’av, to daven at the kever of Osniel Ben Kenaz- entry to the kever is permitted only a few times a year
Eli Shleyzinger, י"א אב תשע"ז 03/08/2017 19:50

דובר צהל דובר צהל

Yearly Tisha Be’av minhag: Hundreds of Jews crossed over into the Palestinian controlled side of chevron Yesterday (Tisha Be’av), to daven at the kever of the first Shofet of Klall yisroel, Osniel ben Kenaz.

Being the first one to lead Kllal Yisroel after the passing of Yehoshua Bin Nun, Osneal ben Kenaz opened the period of the Shoftim.

About 400 hundred people from across Israel and around the world took part in the yearly practice to daven at the kever, which is located near the ‘policeman’ intersection, on the Palestinian side of the city.

Due to the sensitive security situation and the need to coordinate the entry with PA police, entry to the kever is a rare occurrence and is restricted to just a few occasions each year.

The next planned entry will Imy”H take place on Chol Hamoed Sukkos.
In order to ensure safe access to the site, the IDF deployed large number of forces comprised of the ‘Yehuda brigade’, ‘12th battalion of the Golani brigade’, and MAGAV policeman.

In 1997 Chevron was partitioned in two, with Israel handing over more than 70% of the city to the Palestinian Authority as what was called the Chevron accords. Despite Israel’s warm gesture and sacrifice towards peace, Israeli’s are not permitted to enter the more than 70% of the ancient Jewish city currently under PA control.

Translated by Eli b.

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