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Student Threatens Rosh Yeshiva for Money

21 year old Yeshiva student threatens Rosh Yeshiva for cash • Rav Batzri to Chadrei Chareidim: "I was threatened my son will be kidnapped and killed" • The boy admits it was him claiming the yeshiva owes him 100,000 shekel
Eli Shlesinger, י' אדר תשע"ב 04/03/2012 16:43

ראש הישיבה, הרב יצחק בצרי. צילום: יעקב כהן יעקב כהן

A twenty one year old yeshiva bachur was arrested for threatening the Rosh Yeshiva to pay him 100,000 shekel or one of his kids will be kidnapped and end up being killed.

Rav Yitzchak Batzri told Chadrei Chareidim: "in the beginning of last week he received messages telling him he must gather together the large sum of money and leave it in a certain place that was made up in advance, otherwise, his son will be kidnapped and will end up being murdered.

The Rosh yeshiva notified the police immediately.

The police started to investigate and found that the text messages were sent from 3 anonymous phones and not from the boys phone, in order to protect his identity. The police started to investigate instantly and arrested the 21 year old boy after admitting what he did.

In his defense the boy told the police that he threatened the Rosh Yeshiva for the money that the yeshiva owes him. "I worked for the Yeshiva the whole summer and they never paid me, they denied that they owed me the money and left me with no choice."

The suspect was brought before the court at 1:30.

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