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G'virim Warn the Yeshivos: We Will Not Give Money to Anyone Drunk

Businessmen in Lakewood write a letter to the Roshei Hayeshivos: "each year tens of boys come into our homes completely drunk, they throw up every possible place and break anything they can get their hands on
Yoel Bittleman, י' אדר תשע"ב 04/03/2012 18:04

שיכור בפורים Drunk on Purim

'Gvirim' from Lakewood got together and sent a letter out to the yeshivas. The letter was written as a personal request to each recipient saying: "we are turning to all the Roshei Yeshivas of all the yeshivas that send boys to our home each year collecting money. We are warning you that this year we will not open our doors to anyone who is drunk and we will not give a dollar to the yeshiva they are representing.

"Year after year", they explain, "tens of boys come into our homes completely drunk and wasted. They throw up every possible place; they are wild and break anything they can get their hands on without offering to pay for the damage or even the minimum of an apology.

"This is not the way of Hashem" the G'virim state in the letter that was sent to the Roshei Yeshivos, "this is not what the mitzvah of Purim is all about."

One of the G'virim from Lakewood told 'Chadrei Charedim' that this year he is planning to spend Purim with his son in Monsey in order to avoid the pogrom that passes through his house each year when tens of people come and cause a lot of damage.
"This year I plan to do the mitzvah of matanos leevyomin from Monsey, and I will send the yeshivas that come to my house each year a nice check" he promises.

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