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Rosh Kollel, Father of 12, Suddenly Niftar

Rav Shlomo Edelman – Rosh kollel of Tolne in Yerushalyim was suddenly niftar in his home yesterday (Wednesday) ● While working to resuscitate, the Rebbe comes to encourage his wife and children ●The levaya – today
Mose Weisberg, י"ד אדר תשע"ב 08/03/2012 11:31

יעקב כהן יעקב כהן

Big tragedy in Yerushalyim: HaRav Hagaon Rav Shlomo Edelman z”l, Rosh kollel of Tolne, was suddenly niftar in his home.

The Rav, being 40 years old and a father to 12 children was in his house in Yerushalyim when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Within just a few minutes Hatzolah arrived in his home, he lost consciousness and a doctor by the scene was left with no choice but to confirm his death.

One of the Hatzolah volunteers told ‘Behadrey Haredim’ that his wife called ‘MADA’ as soon as she saw he wasn’t feeling well.

“The medics that arrived at the scene immediately started giving him medical treatment but within a few minutes he went unconscious. They immediately started the resuscitation process while Madas intensive care crew joined them in their work to try to save the Ravs life. After 50 minutes of CPR the doctor had no choice but to confirm his death.”

While the medics were working on Rav Shlomo, the Tolne Rebbe came to the familys home to encourage the fresh widow and orphans, and to give them chizuk

The niftars parents live in Switzerland and the levaya will take place today (Thursday) so the parents are able to participate. The aron was brought to the Shamgar funeral home last night, where it rested until the levaya.

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