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Purim Millionaire' ● A Purim Prank Makes Network Crazy'

Pichas Friedmans friends decide to prank the London community ● “He won millions” ● His friends tell ‘Behadrey Haredim’ how it happened
Yaki Adamker, י"ג אדר תשע"ב 07/03/2012 18:44

לא זכה בלוטו הבריטי, פנחס פרידמן

The purim prank that a few youngsters from the Stamford hill community in London, carried out managed to make the networks dizzy.

Pinchas Friedman, a 24 year old Satmer Chassid makes sure to buy a lottery ticket every month, saying that one day he will become a millionaire.

Yesterday (Tuesday) a few of his friends decided to pull a Purim shtick on him and the entire community. In the late night hours two of his friends took an article announcing the lottery winner off of the BBC website, the biggest newscast in the country, and made a few simple changes.

The name of the winner was changed to that of the British yungerman.

His friends added his reaction to the article in his name “I was listening to the radio and the lottery was on, so I listened, I didn’t think I would win anything. I took out my card and was shocked as one by one the numbers I chose were coming up.”

In his wife’s name they added “this is a very large sum of money. We are planning turning our family and friends into millionaires. They were all in shock”

The amount won, according to the fabricated article, is 37.4 million pounds (over 220 million shekel) from the Euormillions lottery. According to the article this is the largest winning any Jew has ever won.

The friends sent out the fake article to all of their friends and blackberry groups. Within just a few hours Friedman received tens of phone calls from friends and relatives congratulating him on the winning.

When ‘Behadrey Haredim’ heard, they started to check things out and found it all to be a purim prank. The evidence is that yesterday’s lottery did not have a winner. Shmuel S, one of the friends and a neighbor told ‘Behadrey Haredim’ how the prank came to be. “Pinchas works for the ‘Atlas’ paper, sold in Stamford hill. He buys a lottery ticket every month claiming that one day he will become a millionaire. In honor of Purim, we decided to pull a shtick on him so one of his friends that work with him together with another friend decided to publish the article without his knowing. He was surprised at how many reactions he received because the last time he bought a ticket was two weeks before and had nothing to do with the current lottery.

Need more proof that Purim is here?

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