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Mysterious Assassination: Engineer Was Developing Submarines

More details have been released on the mysterious assignation of Hamas’s drone developer-Israeli Mossad believed to be behind it
Print Eli Shleyzinger , י"ח כסלו תשע"ז 18/12/2016 17:03

מוחמד א-זווארי (2) מוחמד א-זווארי

Mohammed Al-zawahri, a professional UAV engineer was found dead in a car last Thursday in the city of Sparks in Tunisia. Al – zawahri has been working for the Hamas Terror organization and had developed UAV’s in the past for the terror group. He was found with 8 gun wounds which are assumed to have been fired with a silencer.
Israel’s Reshet Bet news agency reports that members of the assassination squad who took out Mohammed Al-Zawahri, Hamas’s UAVs developer, stayed on a resort island in Tunisia, not far from the city where the assassination took place.

The assassination is believed to have been carried out by Mossad agents.

According to the report, the cell moved between the island and the coastal city a number of times in the past few weeks.

The report also reveals that the squad consisted of eight members, some of whom are Arab and foreign national.

The Wife of the assassinated engineer, claims that her husband had also developed an unmanned submarine that can be manned from great distances, and was in the process of completing his doctorate on the subject.

Some in Tunisia as well as az- adin-al-kassam brigade, Hamas’s armed wing, who Al-zawarhi worked for, are blaming Israel for the engineer’s assassination.

Hamas’s spokesman Mosher Al-Musri, originally refused to confirm that Al-zawahri worked for the organization.

He later commented saying that “only Israel gained from such an assassination. The Zionist entity is behind the assassination”.

By Eli Shleyzinger
Translated by Eli B.

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