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Muslim Imam Pressured To Come Down To Shul And Apologize After Inciting Against Jews

An interesting incident took place in Singapore this week which reveals the method local authorities are using to battle anti-Semitism in their midst – Imam that added anti-sematic rant to his sermon was called down for investigation and is now pending deportation
Print Yackov Farber , ז' ניסן תשע"ז 03/04/2017 15:54

ראשי הדתות בבית הכנסת בסינגפור ראשי הדתות בבית הכנסת בסינגפור

Police in Singapore are investigation a Muslim Imam who incited against Jews and Christian in a sermon he gave last month. According to reports in the ‘Singapore Times’ The 47-year-old Imam incited against Jews and Christians in his Friday sermon by saying that “G-D should help us against the Jews and the Christians”. The Imam also made other negative remarks against Jews during the course of his sermon.

The hatred filled sermon went viral and the Imam was called down by police for an official investigation. During the investigation, Police placed a lot of pressure on the imam and he eventually apologized saying that he did not mean to incite against people of other faiths “rather” he was just reading an ancient text from his home town in India.

Authorities weren’t satisfied with his apology and demanded that he apologize in front of the local Jewish community.

The Imam came down to the ‘’Magen Avot” shul which is not far from the local church- which was also targeted by his incitement, and in front of various religious leaders who were invited to hear him, he read an official apology.

Minister of Communications in Singapore, referred to the incident saying, “The Imam understands that he erred, and his apology will be examined by the legal authorities.”
The police have currently finished their investigation and handed over their official report to the office of the country’s attorney general.

Legal authorities in Singapore are currently weighing the option of deporting the offensive Imam.

The countries Minister of justice also referred to the incident saying, “the moment they will inform us of the law we will decide what to do”

Translated By Eli B.

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