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Struggle Over Chillul Shabbos Returning

The Struggle against Chillul Shabbos in Israel is returning with full force, Gerrer Rebbe ordered health minister Yackov Litzman not to relent from the matter until all government related chillul Shabbos ceases
Print Yackov Grodkah , י"ח סיון תשע"ז 12/06/2017 19:10

שוקי לרר שוקי לרר

Per the order of Gedolei Yisroel, the chareidi parties are renewing the struggle over chillul Shabbos which is being perpetrated by the ministry of transportation, with the consent of the ministry of ‘labor and welfare’. Infrastructural work is currently being done on the Ayalon highway on Shabbos, despite the work not being necessary to be done on Shabbos.

After the MK’s of ‘Degel Hatorah’(UTJ) fired the opening shot and declared the renewal of the struggle this past Friday, this morning, the chasidish paper ‘Hamodia’ joined the ‘Yated Ne’eman’ in attacking the ministry of transportation that is carrying out the chillul Shabbos.

“Bechadrei Chareidim” was told that Hamodia’s attack this morning comes after Health Minister Litzman met with the Gerrer Rebbe and shared with him the latest details over the matter.

According to the report, the Rebbe ordered Litzman to pursue the matter and not to relent until the matter is settled and all government related chillul Shabbos ceases.

In addition, ‘Hamodia’ published remarks made by Litzman in a cabinet meeting, where he strongly condemned Transportation minister Yackov Kats over the work that his department is carrying out on Shabbos.

Litzman made it clear that what is taking place is very severe, and an affront to the Jewish character of the state. As well, it deliberately damages the accepted status quote that has been around for years.

“We clarified” said Litzman, “that construction which is not necessary to be carried out on Shabbos is a gross Chillul Shabbos in befarhes’ya by the hands of the government. We won’t be able to make peace with such a reality, and the minister of transportation has to keep the agreement reached on the matter with the party leaders”.

This past Friday ‘Degel Hatorah’(UTJ) announced that they were renewing the struggle, which in the past; almost dissolved the coalition and nearly got transportation minister Katz to resign.

Head of the ‘Finance Committee’ MK Moshe Gafne commented on the matter saying, “I spoke with minster Katz and I am trying, until the last moment, to exert pressure to stop the planned construction. This is something very severe and we will have to reach some kind of agreement that the chillul Shabbos should stop, despite the claim that the workers are all Arabs and the work has been reduced”.

Gafne reiterated that, “this is an affront to Shabbos and we will do all we can to stop this phenomenon. I hope that the people in charge of permitting construction from the perspective of the hours, come to their senses”.

Mk Yackov Asher also remarked about the construction, speaking to ‘Yated Ne’eman’ he said, “there are so many important projects in the country that are being delayed because of bureaucrat reasons, or some form of pride related to some government ministry. Most certainly, nothing would happen if they would postpone this work and spread it out during week days…”

Translated By Eli B.

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