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Arab inspector beaten at Bar Ilan - no one helped

An Arab parking inspector at the Jerusalem Municipality was beaten by an angry driver, at Bar - Ilan - the center of haredi Jerusalem for twenty minutes • no one of the passersby came to his aid
Eli Schlesinger, Behadrey Haredim, כ"ד אדר תשע"ג 06/03/2013 19:16

פקח בפעולה. צילום ארכיון Photo: Yaakov Nahumi

A parking inspector of the Jerusalem Municipality from Arab origin was attacked this morning by an owner of a private car which parked illegally.

This morning, at around 11:00, an Arab parking inspector of the Jerusalem Municipality identified a car parked on the sidewalk at Bar Ilan intersection. The inspector began the process of providing a report of 500 shekels. The car owner arrived on the scene and tried to stop the writing of the report, and when he failed, started attacking the warden.

According to Channel 2 news report, the driver hit the municipality worker strongly with punches and kicks in the head and in the ribs. He then choked him and pushed him against the wall. Even when the parking inspector fell to the sidewalk, the suspect continued to hit him.

Bystanders who were there and witnessed the act, did not offer to help the inspector. The event which lasted about 20 minutes, ended only when another inspector arrived, and brought an end to the violence. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the assailant said to the Arab - Israeli "your uniform, you should wear with Hezbollah."

A complaint was filed with the Jerusalem police, and the suspect was taken in for questioning. The parking inspector was hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Hospital in the city, bruised in his head, face and neck. Police continue to investigate the incident.

The municipality said in response that it "condemns any form of violence and acts to prevent attacks on city workers and safeguard them."

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