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Kabblist who concluded the Zohar: Rabbi Shimon Hirari zt"l

The Kabbalist from Tunisia, about whom Harav Ovadia Yosef testified that he was a zaddik yesod olam", died at age 85 • will be buried in Beersheba next to his teacher Rabbi Chaim Huri
Moshe Weisberg, כ' אדר תשע"ה 11/03/2015 12:33

Hagaon R' Shimon Hirari zt"l. Photo: Yaakov Cohen Hagaon R' Shimon Hirari zt"l. Photo: Yaakov Cohen

Baruch Dayan Ha'emes: in Tel Aviv the Kabbalist Hatzadik R' Shimon Hirari zt"l passed away at the age of 85.

Rabbi Shimon of blessed memory was born in Tunis on 24th Cheshvan 5690, to his father Rabbi Avraham and his mother Mrs. Bachariya a"h.

He was very close to president of the Council of Torah Sages Hagaon R' Ovadia Yosef zt"l who expressed himself about him: "tzaddik yesod olam" (a righteous foundation of the world).

He was a great Torah scholar and author of many books on halacha, and established Torah in Tel Aviv, Kabbalists say one could see "ruach hakodesh" in his home.

He would often hold a siyum on the Zohar as part of the daily learning he promoted. The events were held attended by hundreds of his followers and admirers, who are in deep mourning after hearing of his death.

His funeral will leave at 12:00 from his home on 12 Elnekawe Street in Tel Aviv, on its way to the old cemetery in Be'er Sheva (Hazerim) where he will be buried next to his mentor the Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Huri zt"l.

Police said that because of the funeral procession departing from Tel Aviv towards the cemetery in Be'er Sheva, Moshe Brill Street and part of Elnekawe Street in Tel Aviv have been blocked to traffic. The convoy will reach Ayalon highway and from there continue to Beersheba.

May his soul be bound in the bond of life.

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